Skrill Direct is one of the safest ways to pay online. Based on your existing bank’s online banking service, it offers security you are already familiar with.
Your details remain hidden to 3rd parties, including the online merchant.

What makes Skrill Direct so safe?

  • Established standards

  • Skrill Direct connects directly with your bank’s online system. By that the same high security is granted, which is also ensured when using the online banking of your bank.
  • The used security measures are among others are encryption, authentication, secure login credentials and transaction confirmation. As you already trust your bank, with Skrill Direct you do not need to worry about someone else using your bank details for fraud.
  • Your data is safe

  • No 3rd party, including the online merchant, has access to your sensitive online banking data. Online banking login credentials, passwords, PINs, TANs are not stored, remain fully encrypted by your bank and cannot be looked up internally by Skrill Direct or externally by a 3rd party.
  • Trusted security

  • All the transactions processed by Skrill Direct are SSL encrypted and secured by Verisign (Norton Secure).
  • Skrill is authorized partner of Trusted Shops, the leading provider of trust-building measures in e-commerce. Therefore, Skrill's payment solutions harmonize with Trusted Shops products.